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Building an infill in Edmonton

Residential Infill Construction Edmonton

Residential infill is the development of new housing – suites, apartments, houses – in established neighbourhoods.

The City of Edmonton Residential Infill Guidelines for Mature Neighbourhoods provide direction to developers, communities, city administration and City Council about how such development should occur. These guidelines are an approved City of Edmonton Policy (C551) and were adopted in June 2009.


The Benefits of residential infill

  • Neighbourhood revitalization (social and physical renewal)
  • Makes better use of existing City infrastructure, public facilities and services
  • More housing options and increased affordability
  • A more financially and environmentally sustainable city
  • Reduced urban sprawl.

What the city guidelines address:

  • Where different scales and forms of new residential development should be located.
  • How buildings and sites should be designed to ensure compatibility with existing housing and the character of the community, and high quality development that enhances the area.

Where the city guidelines apply

The Guidelines apply to all residential infill in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. All residential infill in these neighbourhoods should meet the overall goals of the Guidelines as well as comply with the Guidelines specific to the scale and form of development proposed.

Incorporating the City Guidelines into the Zoning Bylaw

A number of changes to the Zoning Bylaw are required to ensure that all new residential development in mature neighbourhoods is located and designed according to the Infill Guidelines. Sustainable Development is working on these in consultation with communities and the development industry. Proposed changes are posted on the City’s website as they become available and before they are brought forward to City Council.

If you are considering infill:

  • Review the Residential Infill Guidelines
  • Check to see if the development site is affected by an Area Redevelopment Plan or Land Use Plan that guides redevelopment in the neighbourhood.
  • Check the Zoning Bylaw to see if the site is zoned for the type of development proposed.
  • Check the Infill Guidelines to see if they would support a rezoning of the site.
  • Use the Infill Guidelines and appropriate “Overlays” in the Zoning Bylaw to design the building(s) and site.
  • Contact and consult with Sustainable Development as needed.

City of Edmonton Residential Guidelines

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