Paper to CAD Conversions

Paper to CAD conversion is the process of taking paper documents and converting them by hand to CAD files.  Paper drawings are subject to wear & tear, fade with time and are costly to store. By converting your drawings to electronic format they can be reviewed, edited & plotted with ease and are safe and easy to store, handle and share. I use AutoCAD software to produce dwg and dxf files for you to use in any CAD program.

I can do AutoCAD conversion from of all types of Architectural drawings including plan, elevation, sections, drawings of HVAC, Electrical, fire fighting, plumbing, landscaping drawings, structural drawings, survey drawings, sanitation & piping plan, utilities, working drawings etc.

The process starts with getting a scan of the paper document, saving it as either jpg or tiff at between 150 to 200 dpi. You can email me the scanned files, along with any title sheets and layer standards you want me to follow, and I will return to you in 3 to 5 days time a perfectly converted, manually redrawn CAD file.

I take pride in my work, and offer accurate, quality cad conversions at the most affordable rates in the market.  For pricing or any other details email me at [email protected]