Secondary / Basement Suite

To build your secondary or basement suite you will need a drafted plan to submit to the City for permits.  I can provide you with the following requirements:

1.  Floor Plans:

  • Size of building (dimensions and square footage).
  • Floor to ceiling heights.
  • Dimensioned room layouts showing location of walls, windows, doorways and use of rooms.
  • Location of Plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical changes.
  • Location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (must be hard wired).
  • Materials of construction.

2.  Elevation Plans:

  • Showing all sides of the building that may be affected (proposed and existing).
  • Exterior finishing materials and colors.
  • All windows and door locations that may be affected.

3.  Onsite Measurements to obtain any dimensions that cannot be provided.

4.  Photo’s of all sides of structure that may be affected.


I base your quote on the square footage of your footprint, design time, building code research, onsite measurements and travel as required.


Contact me for a quote on your project.